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Roland Achenjang

Certified Meditation Coach, Top-Rated Author,
Remember Who You Are Show Host, Entrepreneur

In every moment of existence, there is infinite potential to REMEMBER who you truly are.

My passion is helping you remember.


Years Meditating Experience


Happy Meditating Clients


Who & Why You Are Books Sold


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Highlights of the moments in my life that helped define who I am today.


I taught myself to meditate to cope with work and school stress.


While meditating, I had a spiritual awakening. I remembered who I truly am and changed my life.


I published the top-rated book, Who and Why You Are: All you need to remember. I also began helping people develop meditating practices that worked for their lifestyles and goals.


I launched The Remember Who You Are Show, formerly the Conversations with Roland podcast.

I believe in every moment of existence there is infinite potential to remember who you truly are.

I believe remembering who you truly are is the most essential thing you can do for yourself today.

I am humbled because all the work I do adds to the potential for you to remember who you truly are.

My Offerings

Meditate to remember who you are

Let’s create an effective meditation practice that works for your goals and with your lifestyle together.

Read to remember who you are

Challenge your beliefs & remember timeless, universal truths with this wholesome book.

Listen to remember who you are

Spiritual leaders share their experiences and insights to support your remembering journey.