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I had no idea how to meditate before I read Roland's manual. It was so helpful in getting me started. It is easy to follow. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I'm already seeing a difference in my practice.

Lucille Y.Student

If you're looking to get into meditation, this is a great manual. I found it helpful in learning how to get started and developing a regular practice. It covers overcomming obstacles like intrusive thoughts or falling asleep.

James P.Designer

This is a practical, straightforward guide to meditation. It covers all the basics and provides helpful tips for setting up a regular practice. I recommend it to anyone looking to establish a strong foundation in meditation.

Jelinda S.Student

Answers your burning meditation questions to ensure your success with the practice

Is meditation right for me right now?

What is going to happen to me when I start meditating?

How should I go about meditating for the first time?

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