One-to-One Meditation Coaching For Kids or Adults


One-to-one coaching to help you develop an effective practice based on your lifestyle and goals. Meditating is the most effective way to remember who you truly are.

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Take your meditation practice to the next level with personalized coaching from a Certified Meditation Coach.

With this service, expect to:

  1. Spend up to one-hour receiving meditating coaching from yours truly.
  2. Complete the session in person or virtually.
  3. Go through a review of your current personal beliefs because your beliefs keep you safe but also limit you.
  4. Develop a meditation plan that works with your lifestyle and goals.
  5. Remember that meditation is primarily paying attention to who you are.
  6. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the process.
  7. Make a new friend.

After purchasing this service, you will receive an email to schedule a time.


I provide meditation coaching for kids or adults.

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