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Make sense of your spiritual awakening kundalini awakening self-actualization confusing otherwordly confusing everyday experiences.

Remember who you truly are and navigate your earth-life experiences with ease. This book is your guide to enjoying being human.

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“Enjoy wonderful end-chapter summaries.”

Duration: 1:36 mins.

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“Learn the importance of meditation.”

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“Remember time-tested truths on Consciousness.”

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It’s a must-read on your spiritual journey


5-star average ratings by readers on trusted platforms


234 pages of truths to help you reclaim your inner power


100% guarantee you expand your perceptions of yourself

The most honest spiritual book you'll read

“This book offers helpful tools to create peace and well-being back into your life.”

Char J.Spiritual Teacher

Question your current beliefs to achieve your highest potential

“Loved every page of it. But I must warn you that certain belief systems you have been clinging on to will be challenged.”


Remember universal truths to help you enjoy being human.

Who and Why You Are helps you make sense of your experiences and perceptions. It is your secret to peace of mind.

Origin & Purpose

Remember who you truly are and why being human is both amazing and brave

“A powerful book filled with wisdom and enlightenment.”

RebeccaReiki Master

Remember the rules that make living on earth unique and exciting

“This book is unique. Roland simplifies the universal rules for understanding our reality and I highly recommend it”

LesleySpiritual Life Coach

Remember that dying is the only way you continue to grow and evolve

“Roland challenges our ingrained perceptions and understanding of ordinary concepts like hell, beliefs, habits, science, time, consciousness, Jesus, love, life, fear, etc.”

RaissaLaw Student
Unconditional Love

Remember that YOU are forever a universal love with no conditions

“Roland's views on Consciousness, ego, duality, and time are so universal and time-tested; deep and one.”

Sunita B.Practitioner

Hey there, Friend. I'm Roland!

On Tuesday, August 21st, 2018, I experienced my spiritual awakening. It remains the most life-altering experience I have had.

I remembered truths I share in my top-rated book, Who and Why You Are. I believe these truths can help you create the life you desire.

Join the 1000s of brave souls reading and remembering.

I’m happy to send your autographed copy today.

“Roland has personally experienced an evolution of consciousness and shares the relevant aspects of that experience as opposed to someone who might simply provide mere conjecture about the topic.”

AaronSpiritual Student

Who and Why You Are praises from readers all over the world

I did more than read the book. I absorbed it. Roland presents a guide for a person to investigate as yet unanswered questions concerning their existence. He uses concepts like pearls of wisdom. These pearls are strung together in a necklace which provides to the reader a simultaneously broad and detailed awareness of their existence.

JaydeloSpiritual Student

Roland's book is a blessed reward for my transparency and authentic, from the heart, mind, and soul experiences of expanding consciousness and ditching my religious thinking which has continuously held me back. I look forward to diving into meditation and manifesting a new way forward.


Many of the ideas Roland puts forth are reminiscent of eastern traditional beliefs; they are thought-provoking perspectives that encourage the reader to think twice about their current beliefs on life, the after-life and much more.

NickSpiritual Student

This book explains an inner power. It belongs to you. You have to learn how to take it back. This is no small feat, but the journey is a sweet one.

S.E. CrawfordSpiritual Student

Roland begins by reminding us that simply by being, we are enough. “You are simple; you are complex. You are everything; you are nothing. But you are! And that you are, is enough! It’s more than enough.” With this, he empowers readers to feel, create, express and experience what they desire.

FidelisCollege Dean

This book is a reminder to all of us that we are here to create our own reality in our lives. Roland uses wonderful analogies that help you to picture what he is describing. I feel this is a wonderful book for anyone who is on their journey of awakening.

LoriSpiritual Student

At about 200 pages, Who and Why You Are is a fun, thought-provoking, encouraging, and well-written book that helps you discover yourself, your surrounding, and your beliefs, by encouraging you to be more curious. It requires that you keep an open mind.


You don’t only walk away understanding the many concepts of life. Most importantly, you walk away understanding how your interpretation and expression of those concepts interact with each other to create You!

RaissaLaw Student

I found the book's message FREEING. It’s beautifully written, conveying in an easy to comprehend writing style the TRUTH of Who and Why We Are. It has helped me understand so much in my Spiritual journey.

MariaSpiritual Student

The book definitely gave me much to think about on my spiritual path and was very helpful in terms of learning to be better at meditation, being present and aware of my thought patterns and beliefs and navigating life on earth.

DariceMusic Teacher

This book is a must have for anyone on a spiritual journey. It puts a lot of different things into perspective and I know it helped me on my journey. Can’t wait for the next One!

KayseSpiritual Student

I must say, I have come to see many things but this book is very concise and on point. Extremely well-written and well done.