Roland Achenjang

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who and why you are author commentary
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Who and Why You Are: All you need to remember (Author Commentary)

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Since experiencing my spiritual awakening, I have come to appreciate just how difficult of a journey it is. Reading my book will certainly support you. But listening to my commentary on each chapter will enhance your entire experience.

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Further enhance your spiritual awakening journey

My commentary simplifies topics in my book to make your self-remembering journey easier. Plus you’ll enjoy…
Four-minute-long author commentary on each chapter.
Magical delivery to your inbox every week on Thursdays.
Listening anytime, anywhere with your lifetime access.
And relaxing with the accompanying soothing sounds.
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Chapter 1: Who You Are

Remember who you truly are in only 4 mins!

Spiritual students love the commentary for its simplicity

Wow! The words describe in a simple, but yet true way to see, believe and feel YOU. Thank you for simply being and simply describing being.

NicoleSpiritual Student

Brief, brilliant. Thank you.

MartaSpiritual Student

Very nice. Thank you and Namaste.

SamSpiritual Student

Simplicity at it’s best. Thank you, Roland.

MartaSpiritual Student

Really smart thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

BenedekSpiritual Student

I believe you’ll love it, too.

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$12.99 | $9.09!